Installation and Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance

One of the main "USS Enterprise" benefits - IT and IS implementation does not depend on the manufacturer of the equipment used by the customer. However, the quantity and complexity of the equipment determine the project duration.

Key product installation stages:

  • Preparation for the installation. Before installing the software, all equipment and instruments are prepared for data transfer, the adapted computer technology is combined with the existing facilities and equipment. It is ensured the proper operation of all data transfer and / or processing equipment.
  • Data transmission equipment configuration. Equipment parameters are modified to ensure a smooth transfer of data from devices, equipment, sensors to the computer.
  • Software installation. System modules are installed into the relevant equipment, devices and sensors.
  • Software configuration. The software is combined and modified to achieve the full implementation of the provided functions.
  • Testing. Installed hardware and software is tested. All appeared inaccuracies are corrected.
  • Documentation. All instructions of the equipment are prepared, personnel is trained, technical documentation for installed software is provided.
  • The last stage of product installation – fully functioning product is provided to the customer.

After the installation and project provision to the client, „USS enterprises“ will continue to maintain the proper functioning of the hardware and software. The encountered problems are solved, if it is necessary, consultations and propositions for further updates of the equipment are provided.

Maintenance includes the following steps:

  • Technical maintenance. The proper functioning of data transfer and / or processing equipment is maintained, faults are removed. Propositions of equipment update are provided.
  • Product Support. The proper functioning of software is maintained, faults are removed.
  • Preventive maintenance. Installed software and hardware preventive maintenance is carried out by due order. Common status of the software and hardware is inspected, propositions are provided.
  • Equipment update. Software and hardware may be modified according to customer needs, adapting it to changes in demand or changes in technology.
  • Consulting. Customers of the company are consulted in relevant questions of equipment processing, updating or development.
  • Metrology and accreditation. If it is necessary, "USS Enterprises" takes care of the customer’s equipment appliances to comply with the metrological requirements, obtainment of due accreditations.

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