IT engineering solutions

Information technology engineering solutions

IT engineering solutions enable IT integration into the ordinary technology processes. in this case, Information technologies are used as interaction measurement between machinery, equipment, sensors and other devices. in order To achieve this kind of IT integration, it is not enough the conventional computer hardware and software, that is why „USS enterprises“ specialists develop and implement IT engineering devices, modify and develop the software. „USS enterprises“ offers advanced engineering solutions, which allow to create the efficient, functional, solid and customer-oriented system.

Facilities Management

Automatized facilities management not only simplifies processes within the enterprise, but also allows to achieve higher efficiency of the performance. „USS enterprises“ offers facilities management solutions for industrial facilities, measurement devices and other equipment. Company's developed IT engineering tools enable access to almost all kinds of equipment and devices. Engineering solutions are composed of a variety of different modules, these modules may be connected with each other, according to customer's needs.

Data scanning and transmission solutions

In order to evaluate the company's business activities, adequate data is needed. Automatized process of data scanning and transmission ensures the correctness of received data. „USS enterprises“ offers variety of data scanning and transmission solutions.

Data from facilities, measurement devices and other equipment is automatically transferred for further processing or storage. Received data may also be used to monitor if work is carried out in accordance with the procedure, to trace actual working time of employees. With the help of these measures/tools a solid and customer-oriented data scanning, transmission and processing system is created.

Data protection systems

As the amount of company's processed data is growing, the need of data protection is growing also. „USS enterprises“ offers a variety of data protection solutions. These solutions include all levels of data protection: from physical intake of data from various devices and equipment to complete protection of all data company uses.

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